If you're snooping at someone's profile, Friendster's telling

Friendster starts telling us who's looking at our profiles (but appears to have dropped the program)

We have received mountains of comments from Friendster members asking for help in finding who has been visiting their profile. We do not have this information. We don't have a clue. If you have the answer, by all means leave it and we'll post prominently. But we don't need another 100 or 200 people asking the same question. Thanks.

A wild-eyed colleague just grabbed in the hallway and said, "You've got to blog this." She says Friendster, the social network site, has just instituted a new feature called "Who's Watching Me." "Who's Viewed Me." This allows people with one click to see everyone who has stopped by their profile. She just showed me 88 people who have visited her site. This includes ex-flames who are trolling her years after break-ups, others who appear to be checking her out. Even colleagues.

What's this mean for social networks? If you participate, you send a message. Yesterday's glance in the window, in effect, turns into today's knock on the door. For people in the matchmaking game, these alerts could become a great way to flirt. For everyone else, it's like we're wearing bells around our necks. UPDATE: In comment, Matt notes that users can turn off this feature.

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