Goodbye, Jeeves!

InterActive Corp.'s Barry Diller will be taking Jeeves out of That's, perhaps, indicative of confusion at Inter-Active Corp. over what to do with that site. What a waste of a perfectly good book character!

It's a sad, sad season for P.G. Wodehouse fans. Jeeves, the smart butler from Wodehouse's books, will soon be leaving search engine Which will no longer be called Barry Diller, whose IAC/InterActive Corp. acquired the site only a few months ago, has recently announced that the site will be renamed due to user confusion over what Jeeves is and can do.

To my mind, this is simply indicative of Diller's confusion over what to do with His company just spent $1.85 billion to purchase The bulk of that must have paid for the brand name, -- and that money is now going into the waste basket.

Diller is getting rid of Jeeves at the worst possible moment, just as competition among search sites has reached fever pitch, what with Google's aggressive moves and newcomers such as, the Chinese search engine.

What a waste of a wonderful book character! To me, without Jeeves just doesn't have the same appeal. I wouldn't be surprised if the search site goes down in the ratings as a result.

Goodbye, Jeeves! And goodbye,'s ambitions.

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