So what's with the word "sonic?" It's really "in" these days. "Sonic" sounds good. Two crisp syllables. Kind of cracks. Implies speed too. And height, way up there at 50,000 feet. All good stuff for design where you want to sound sharp, be quick and think important thoughts at 30,000 feet. So we now have Sonic Rim, which offers tools for innovation, exploring collective creativity and understanding everyday people, according to its Google entry. Then there is Sonic Design, a New York-based industrial design shop.
My favorite, however, is Sonic Drive-In, a great burger joint that's been around for 50 years. These folks have SuperSonic jalapeno cheeseburgers. Talk about innovation. I saw my first Sonic Drive-In cruising through Arizona. Wish they had one in New York.
I also saw a Chew & Chat burger drive-in and a a Blakes Lotsaburger in Shiprock. There was a drive-in called Elk Burgers on the road to Mesa Verde in Colorado.
Message to black-clad urban designers: get OUT there to see America.

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