The Exorcism of Emily Rose

What do Cambridge University and Chivas Regal have in common? Product placements in this horror/courtroom flick

With horror movies traditionally low on brands and courtrooms providing few opportunities for placements, most of Emily Rose’s brands are found in the bar scenes. Universities get some name recognition on the witness stand, providing one-word credentials for various expert testimonies. Next week may be a different horror story, though, if Cry Wolf manages to hit number one. Besides Pepsi and Red Bull, the slasher film heavily features AOL’s Instant Messenger service in the plot, with the brand leveraging its role by setting up an AOL Cry Wolf game. Here, fans can win film-related prizes, though some of them may be questionable.

Featured Brands: Cambridge University, Cardinal, Chivas Regal, J&B, John Hopkins University, Johnnie Walker, Northwestern University, Realistic, Tanqueray, Yale University

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