I've been so busy getting the Best of the Web package done that I forgot to mention here that ... it's done! We got a great response on the reader survey, and there's an online-only story that compares those results and the editors' picks. Thanks for all your suggestions--you'll see a lot of them became editors' favorites as well.

Besides the main story, we have five other stories that zero in on particularly interesting sites or trends, most of them driven by participants' efforts: Heather Green has a fascinating story on how businesses are trying to use del.icio.us to track trends. Steve Baker highlights PostSecret and other audience-driven sites. The addictive Korean site Cyworld is the subject of Ihlwan Moon's profile. Jessi Hempel's story is about the innovative philanthropic site DonorsChoose.org. I've got a small story on Ajax, the programming juice behind Google Maps and other highly interactive sites. And finally, there's an online-only Q&A with Web design expert Jakob Nielsen, who think the Web still has a looong way to go.

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