In The Broken Flowers, the new Jim Jarmusch movie, Bill Murray plays a lonely bachelor, Don Johnston, trying to piece together the fragments of his life. Hoping to find out if he has a 20-year-old son, he visits four former lovers and does some amateur sleuthing. For this work, he relies on a few prominently placed products. Most important is Mapquest. Johnston keeps the printed-out directions by his side as he drives from one woman's house to the next and often picks them up to scrutinize them -- the logo clear for all to see. The second product is a rented Ford Taurus. This one packs less promotional value, since Johnston gripes about it, at one point, complaining to a friend that as a detective, he should be driving a hot sports car. Instead: "I'm a stalker in a Taurus." One more product placement: As a rueful Johnston ponders his life, he drinks a bottle of French champagne, Moet & Chandon.

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