Tackling Tagging

As we consider adding tags, a backdrop of thoughts on the difficulty and possible problems of using them.

So, we're pulling together a list of "design elements" we want to change/improve on our blog, and we're interested in adding tagging for del.icio.us or Technorati.

Which is why the recent exchange between Fred Wilson and Michael Parekh on some of the headaches of adopting tagging will come in handy. And Parekh and Om Malik's thoughts on spam and tagging are also something we need to think hard about.

Reading through all this makes it clear that tagging is early-stage technology that needs some serious degeeking before it goes mainstream.....You can't really argue Parekh's point about what a mistep Flickr del.icio.us makes by not putting a search box on the front page.

Even Jeff Jarvis got a ringer, his tech whizz of a son, to turn on the tags at BuzzMachine...

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