Blog corrections: A new literary style?

Corrections or quips: Are strike-throughs on blogs turning into veiled winks at the reader?

I found something on one of the new Microsoft blogs that raised a question. This what I read: Pitchfork is looking for some new lackeys interns. Was that a real correction? Or was the blogger sharing a little joke, telling us that he considers interns to be lackeys, even though it's not right to call them that? It's like the teenager who says: "Hi loser, um, I mean, Dad."

If strike-throughs aren't already being used for these attitude injections, I'm guessing that it's just a matter of time before they are. They're a handy literary device for people who want to share a conspiratorial wink with their readers.

This should be resisted. The strike-throughs are one area where blogs are earnest. We live in a society that tells us in so many ways that to be earnest is not cool. But in this case, I think, it is.

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