Next Act from the Rocketboom Folks: Humanwire

The folks from the Rocketboom video blog plan to launch Humanwire, a broader network of updated video tidbits.

Good news for the apparently 40,000 people each day (along with me) who like watching Rocketboom each day. (That's the comically deadpan daily video blog from Amanda Congdon and Andrew Baron).

In a couple of weeks, they plan to launch Humanwire, a broader network of video blogs that will be updated and organized around subjects, such as sports or arts. This way, says Baron, the loose group of folks working in Rocketboom can run more of the videos that they have been shooting, as well as the submissions that have been pouring in from people around the Web. "Instead of supressing all this excellent work that was coming in, we wanted to find a place for it," Baron says.

Baron says Humanwire will take all submissions and that the group will use a Wiki to sift through the videos and decide which ones to post. They also are expanding the group of international correspondants they have. But it clearly seems like a creative outlet, since Baron says that Humanwire, unlike Rocketboom, won't have advertising.

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