Toilet paper is one of those products... I'm not sure we should be seeing truly creative advertising in this segment. I confess that I sort of liked the animated bear-in-the-woods ads the last couple of years from Charmin. But there is something about TP that begs straightforward product attribute advertising.

Ah....but that wouldn't be fun. And it would reduce every brand to a commodity. And, in fact, we all have our favorite brands, don't we.

Enter Angel Soft, marketed by Georgia-Pacific (hardly known for its over-the-top ad creative or executives who get big yucks around the watercooler). It has a series of short films on its website, as flagged to me by adverblog: Uncomfortable bathroom moments brought to you by Angel Soft.

In one of the shorts, a guy finds himself brushing his teeth with diaper lotion rather than toothpaste (memo to readers: this happened to me once.) In another, a guy is having a great time scratching his back with a bathroom brush...until he is told by his wife that it's the toilet brush. And so on.

God help me it's funny stuff. And God help me...yes...I will be taking a fresh look at Angel Soft in the store this week to see if I'm willing to let it replace my old brand.

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