A podcast screed--against podcasts

A podcast eloquently defends the written word--but there's no stopping the spread of rich media

If you have five minutes, take a listen to this podcast, which was dropped by one of you at my digital doorstep. I wonder if you'll ever want to listen to another podcast.

The written word whips podcasts on a number of counts. By many metrics podcasts are less efficient, less searchable. They're bulkier and require more technology (some of which is fragile and, as I can sadly attest, perishable). Yet all of the arguments on half of the printed word collapse when confronted with this stubborn fact: Rather than read, many people would often rather listen to something, look at a picture, watch a movie, or grab the joystick on the game console. Yes, we can tell them again and again that rich media is for the birds. But as this producer concluded, perhaps the best way to get that message across is to podcast it.

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