You've got to hand it to US Unwired. It made such an incredible pain in the neck out of itself, that Sprint finally decided it had no choice but to acquire the company for $1.3 billion in cash. The wireless reseller, which is based in Louisiana, complained that Sprint forced it to accept unfair financial terms. That was bad enough. Then it really got in Sprint CEO Gary Forsee's face by opposing Sprint's buyout of Nextel Commmunications.

Is there a name for this sort of deal-making strategy? And most importantly, is there a way that I can apply these principles to my own life? If I write enough stories decrying the Sprint-Nextel deal, will Forsee buy me out a giant multiple of my anticipated future revenue? Or will I simply vanish under mysterious circumstances?

I can't think of another deal that has worked quite like this one. I'm sure there are plenty of examples, though. Can anyone think of one? If I can find three recent examples, I'm going to write a trend story. If I can find five, it's a special report. Beyond that it's a book. I can just imagine the title now. I'll call it Strategic Intransigence: Making Your Obstinance Work for You.

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