Is Apple old school?

Apple represents a throwback to old-style command-control companies--or does it?

In the same post I cited this morning, Nellie Lide dubbed Apple as an old-fashioned, top-down, secretive company. Her words:

Yes, I said Apple. Though it makes and sells innovative products, it doesn't look favorably on its customers' tinkering and it has sued bloggers who revealed information about new products.

So, here's the multiple choice question:

A) Apple is behind the times, and destined either to stumble or adjust to the consumer-driven, grass-roots, blog-powered wave.

B) The charges are unfair. Apple does learn from its customers, and its secrecy is necessary in a cut-throat consumer electronics market.

C) Leading pundits (including bloggers)too often reduce this complex and evolutionary trend into simplistic before/after, enlightened/benighted, grassroots/top-down dichotomies. Judge Apple by its results.

D) other.

I will register my vote after I've had the luxury of examining yours.

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