This new real estate blog is debuting at a pivotal point in my personal homeownership history.

After years of real estate-related angst -- Can a family of four live comfortably in 1,200 square foot apartment with two small closets? Can the value of our place really climb much higher? Can we possibly add the hassles of moving to our already chaotic lives? Can we bear to have one more conversation about any of the above? -- I think my husband and I are really going to sell our apartment.

At least we're going to give it a half a try. What is propelling us to finally make that momentous decision (I know, 7 million families sell their homes in America every year), is that our neighbor is selling his place.

The real estate broker he signed on thinks that he may be able to sell the two apartments together for someone to combine. We told him to give it a try. In New York City, where large apartments fetch a premium price, apparently one and one really can make three.

At least sometimes. Will it work for us? We'll soon find out. Stay tuned.

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