Watching the Blogs: NYTimes v. Newsweek

Comparing Newsweek's BlogWatch to the NYTimes' blog column.

Ok, this may be an odd comment from someone taken to task for not explaining blogging enough in our recent story about how blogs will change business.

Nevertheless, I checked out Newsweek's BlogWatch this weekend. It was the June 6 edition, with the cover about hearing loss. And frankly, I found those items a little inscrutable, especially compared to the New York Times' column on blogs, that launched this four weekends ago.

I knew what Newsweek was writing about, but I found myself thinking what would my parents, who get Newsweek, make of these little ditties about the goings on at the blogs. Maybe the Newsweek briefs are too brief. Because I don't think my parents would be able to make heads or tails of it.

The reminds me. I need to call my parents.....

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