The Importance of Taglines

On the taglines experiment at Vaspers the Grate and some of out blogspotting nonstarter taglines.

Steven Streight aka Vaspers the Grate is digging into an experiment with taglines, those descriptions that appear under the name of the blogs to explain the writers' mission, or even their zeitgeist.

He's asking people to comment on the taglines of 59 different blogs, including NevOn: "Neville Hobson's weblog: comment and opinion on business communication and technology,"
Kottke: "home of fine hypertext products," and our own Blogspotting: "Where the worlds of business, media and blogs collide."

Why the obsession with taglines? I think Streight is right on when he says they play an important role is setting visitors' expectations.

Taglines also seem to play a part in helping bloggers figure out what to focus on in their postings. We spend hours on cover language and the little text called a deck that accompanies a cover headline. And it definitely helps us figure out how to focus.

We went through the same experience when it came to coming up with a tagline for blogspotting. Here are some of the early versions of our tagline that I found after digging through my email:

These just didn't make the cut. They were too wordy, overly dramatic, off points, and er, just plain clumsy:

"Mainstream media and blogs are colliding, get a seat up front and center.
Forging ahead into the open world, where mainstream media meets blog.
A take on the colliding worlds of blogs and mainstream media.
A seat up front and center of the collision between mainstream media and blogs.
An open discussion on the melding of mainstream media and blogs."

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