Park Slope, Public School 321, 8 a.m.--Sen. Chuck Schumer is walking down Seventh Ave., shaking a few hands on the nearly empty street and looking very relaxed. I explain to Elliott, my son, that it's voting day and that Sen. Schumer is a politician. "Is he the big boss of the city?" No. "Is he the president?" No. Schumer comes over to shake Elliott's hand at the bus stop. "Are you not the president?" Elliott asks. "I'm Chuck Schumer. Let me guess, you're four." Elliott refuses to shake his hand. I explain sheepishly that he's still three, and try to get Elliott to offer up his hand to no avail. Actress Jennifer Connelly walks out of the PS321 voting station with her son, and snaps her head back to look at Schumer when she hears his name.

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