Reading List:


"This is the single best book I have read about understanding real life in organizations. Almost every page is heavily "yellowed" with highlighter marks; Weick has defined the essential contradictions that modern organizations pose for their inhabitants. He stops the clamour and increases the reader's self-awareness by identifying patterns that organizational inhabitants follow and that shape us. This is the one book I'd like to have if I were stranded on the apocryphal desert island..."


"The single best book about business strategy around. It is rooted in Porter's deep understanding of industrial organization economics and is very accessible to the practitioner. To say this work is canonical within the field of business strategy would be an understatement; it changed strategy, and for 10 years was strategy, and is strongly influential today."


"Both showed me the power of individual action that was outward-looking (i.e, in the service of others). It showed that nothing was permanent (even injustice) and that constructive change began with the selflessly catalytic actions of a committed individual."

• LIVING IN TRUTH by Vaclav Havel

"I could have mentioned any of Havel's books, but this collection of essays, especially "The Power of the Powerless", one of six by Havel in this book, is an enduring testimony to the rightness of holding fast to one's ideals regardless of the consequences. Unlike many people in the West, Havel suffered for his beliefs. His triumph, realized in the fall of the Berlin Wall and in his subsequent elevation to the leadership of Czechoslovakia (as it was at the time) is rooted in the ideas he set out in this text."

Biographical Info:

Douglas Reid is an instructor and researcher in strategy at Queen's University School of Business in Kingston, Ontario. His research examines strategic alliances -- specifically, how companies can use their position in networks to make their alliances work well, how alliances use measurement, and how trust affects the stability of collaborative relationships. Before joining the Queen's faculty in 1998, Reid had been studying at the University of Western Ontario for a PhD in management. Before that, he earned an MBA (Toronto) and an MPA (Queen's).

At the start of his career, after graduating from the University of Toronto with a BSc, Reid worked for a former Premier of Ontario, and then as a vice president of an international consulting company where he handled corporate issues management in their Toronto and Ottawa offices. Reid am the founding CEO of a small consulting company that has been active for 10 years, and is on the board of a new energy trading company in Alberta, Candela Energy Corporation. In addition, Reid provides consulting advice on alliances and strategic management to a range of Canadian and international companies.

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