With 36 governorships up for grabs, Dems could regain the majority they lost in 1994. That's because the GOP must defend 23 states, Dems just 11, independents 2.


Dems are aching to defeat Jeb Bush. His foe will be former Attorney General Janet Reno or union-backed lawyer Bill McBride.


Conservative Republican Bill Simon is coming on strong against incumbent Democrat Gray Davis, who has an energy crisis to answer for.


Historic Hispanic-vs.-Hispanic match-up. Former Clinton Energy Secretary Bill Richardson takes on conservative Republican John Sanchez.


Former Philadelphia Mayor Ed Rendell must best Republican Attorney General Mike Fisher. Pennsylvania went for Gore in 2000.


Republicans have big hopes for state GOP Chairwoman Linda Lingle, a centrist who will take on the winner of a Democratic primary. But a Lingle candidacy cratered four years ago on the heavily Democratic islands.

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