An abuse case targets the software giant's alleged anticompetitive behavior in the server market and its bundling of multimedia. A Monti ruling, expected in June, could levy a fine of up to $2.5 billion and force changes in the Windows operating system.


Monti is trying to tear down anti-takeover barriers, including the German government's defense of VW. This has him battling Chancellor Gerhard Schröder-during an election year.


Monti has raided the offices of Britain's cell-phone giant, looking for signs of price gouging. He also wants to make sure that phone carriers "unbundle," making their customers available to competitors.


A die-hard soccer fan, Monti is incensed that multiyear TV contracts tie entire leagues to dominant broadcasters. He says this limits competition and reduces consumer choice. A Monti ruling could affect television rights for the Olympics and European soccer.


A long-running investigation focuses on charges that the beverage company cuts deals with retailers to bump competitors from their shelves. A fine could reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

Data: BusinessWeek

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