Intellisync for Next-Generation PDAs

Latest edition of essential software for syncing handheld and desktop supports Pocket PC 2002

By Yardena Arar

For many PDA owners, a Palm or a Pocket PC is only as good as its ability to sync up with desktop calendars, address books, to-do lists, and memo pads. Unless you're satisfied with the applications that your device supports out of the box (Palm Desktop for Palms, Microsoft Outlook for Pocket PCs), you need a program that mediates between your handheld and your organizing software. I looked at a new version of Pumatech's admirable Intellisync that extends the software's legacy.

Specifically, Intellisync 5.0.2 is the first version to support Pocket PC 2002, the newest version of Microsoft's most powerful OS for palmtops. With a shipping version, I was able to synchronize my Lotus Notes data on an HP Jornada 565 running Pocket PC 2002--something I couldn't do with Intellisync 4. Like previous versions, Intellisync 5.0.2 supports a plethora of popular organizers, including Act 4.0.2 and 2000; GroupWise; Lotus Notes 4.5, 4.6, and 5; Lotus Organizer 5 and 6; Outlook (all versions); and even such oldies as Schedule Plus 7.5. As always, you can mix and match organizer apps--for example, you can pull your PDA contacts from Act and your appointments from Outlook's datebook. And Intellisync still offers extensive field-mapping options, to ensure that your organizer's data gets to the proper field on your PDA. This flexibility makes the new Intellisync well worth its $70 street price.

Intellisync 5.0.2 also supports Palm, the original Pocket PC, Windows CE, and Symbian 5 devices: You specify OS during installation. Though there's no compelling reason for an Intellisync 4 user who doesn't have a Pocket PC 2002 device to upgrade, the new version is free for anyone who purchased Intellisync 4 after October 22, 2001. All other Intellisync 4 owners can upgrade for $35.

From the April 2002 issue of PC World magazine

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