"Quality is Job 1." That boast was once widely used in Ford's (F ) advertising. But the auto maker has recently been plagued by a spate of recalls. Ford hopes its embrace of Six Sigma will reduce defects in the future. Here are some recent recalls:


The engine in the SVT Mustang Cobra was unable to generate 320 horsepower, as advertised. About 4,000 were recalled, and the 2000 model year was scrapped entirely.

2000 FOCUS

This compact endured six recalls. One of them, covering 207,000 cars, concerned faulty hub nuts that could cause the wheel and brake-drum assembly to come off.


This new model has had five recalls since its introduction. The last covered 51,000 vehicles. Problems included defective speed-control cables, leaking fuel lines, and missing rivets on windshield parts.


Some 52,000 SUVs were recalled to check for gashes in the tires, which occurred on the assembly line. The government said the defect could result in tire failure and crashes.

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