Star-Spangled Spammers

An Australian reader has a new reason to detest unsolicited commercial e-mails: The products they're pushing aren't available outside the U.S.

Nice article on small business owners and the use of e-mail. You have made some good points. (See BW Online, 5/31/01, "Are You Serving Spam?")

It as interesting that you mentioned the issue of freedom of speech being used as an argument against anti-spam laws. As a citizen of Australia, where we have no First Amendment and the U.S. right to freedom of speech doesn't apply, I don't have much sympathy for that argument. It would be nice if the people who use freedom of speech in that way took into account that spam doesn't stay within the borders of the USA.

I think we have a right not to be bombarded by unsolicited marketing mail, most of which we couldn't act on even if we wanted to. For example, I am not able to take up any of the offers of ways to reduce my tax liability in the USA, nor can I take up the low rates being offered by long distance phone providers in the States.

Anything you can do to hasten the death of this constant nuisance will be greatly appreciated by all of us sufferers out here in the rest of the world.

Rob Young

Geelong, Australia

(near Melbourne)

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