Here's a step-by-step on how to use an ASP. customer Michael Block, owner of Block Tax, a bookkeeping and tax-preparation service, started using the accounting service last May.


Block finds NetLedger Web site and orders a $9.95-per-month online accounting service. Seventeen of Block's clients also have signed up--each paying their own monthly fee.


Block logs onto the NetLedger site, points his cursor to an Intuit QuickBooks file on his computer, and the NetLedger site automatically uploads the bookkeeping data. Block receives an e-mail alert when it's done.


Block signs on to the site with a password. He works on his accounts or those of his clients. (Clients can limit his access.) He and a client look at the same Web page and talk about it over the phone. Calculating tools assure accuracy. The data is backed up.


NetLedger does not allow for online filing of tax returns. So Block prints out bookkeeping data and manually enters it into a tax-preparation program from another company. NetLedger hopes to fix this problem by next year.

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