Having been exposed to a presentation by Strategy.com just a few days before your piece came out ("Wireless Plaything," Clicks & Misses, July 24), I was surprised to read that your take-away for Microsoft, Microstrategy, and Yahoo! was superficially "For now, they're toys."

I beg to differ. Strategy.com has wisely invested in both technology and partnerships that place it squarely at the forefront of a huge vista of advertising-based opportunities. Beyond the obvious (or maybe not-so-obvious to you) applications, the concept of permission-based transaction arbitrage offers even greater potential.

Much like cable exists as a delivery device, the Wireless Application Protocol technology strategy.com offers is a unique delivery platform, under an open architecture.

Much like MTV was initially a meager offering on cable, current technologies can enable most sites to translate their content to the wireless platform. And they will, in droves.

Innovation is the nametag we give to a universe of powerful possibilities. While Michael Saylor may have been overly enthusiastic over revenue projections, it does not take away from the reality of Microstrategy's innovation. And isn't that what the market is truly investing in?

Paul Benjou

New York

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