Germany's Greens Aren't "Marching With Business"

Before praising former "rock thrower" Joschka Fischer and German Greens for business friendliness ("Surprise, the German Greens are marching with business," International Outlook, Feb. 28), sobriety would be well advised. In reality, German Greens are about as business-friendly as Jorg Haider is foreigner-friendly. Despite their recent rhetoric, they continue to vehemently oppose and hinder almost every major infrastructure project, industry, and new technology in Germany. Examples include not only atomic power and biotechnology but also genetically modified foods, high-speed trains, airport and seaport expansions, new highways, bridges, cars, and tanks, to name a few.

When it comes to economics, the Greens have the cart before the horse. Before discussing business-friendly tax initiatives, these undercover Luddites must first stop impairing business and let the tax base flourish. They must stop starving the cow before they tell us what to do with the milk.

Most likely, their recent overtures are mere token gestures aimed at salvaging their fading party fortunes. Indeed, the German Greens have outlived their usefulness as Germany's other main political parties have long since adopted sensible environmental policies and far better represent the country's mainstream social and economic issues.

Pierre Gosselin

International Communications

& Training Services

Quakenbruck, Germany

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