Vince Mc Mahon: Get Ready For Pigskin Smackdown

Here's the latest brainstorm from Vince McMahon and his colleagues at World Wrestling Federation Entertainment: extreme football. Imagine Stone Cold Steve Austin in a football jersey, and you've got the concept. Yes, where others have dared not go--into off-season pro football--WWF is charging in. And this will be tough football for tough men, says Michael Keller, newly hired vice-president for WWF football operations.

Isn't "extreme football" redundant? And does America really need another league? Ted Turner and NBC together took up and dropped the idea last year. But, says Keller, "when the Super Bowl ends, there's a huge void, and so we will step in."

The WWF plans to launch its XFL (get it?) in 2001 with eight teams, including New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, and cable broadcasts. The Stamford (Conn.) company is busy signing up football gladiators from NFL Europe and college teams. Says Keller: "We will not limit their desire to celebrate in the end zone." If this flies, get ready for extreme hockey.

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