With TV, the Web, and print media furiously competing to deliver the latest word on personal investing, it's more important than ever to find a clear voice to help you get through the financial information maze. That's where BUSINESS WEEK Investor comes in. When we redesigned and expanded this section last spring, we made sure to include columns that get to the heart of what's on investors' minds. In addition to Inside Wall Street, by Senior Writer Gene G. Marcial, we launched The Barker Portfolio, a column by Senior Writer Robert Barker. Now, we're adding a third: Hers, by Personal Finance Editor Toddi Gutner.

For more than 25 years, Inside Wall Street has been keeping you up to date on stocks primed to move, while The Barker Portfolio features a more personal take on everything from valuing hot IPOs to online tools to manage your retirement portfolio. In Hers, you'll also find a personal approach--and a wake-up call for women from their teen years through retirement. This week, Gutner asks why girls aren't taught the rudiments of finance and explains what some movers and shakers are doing about it. But Hers also addresses broader issues that women--and men--need to heed. For one thing, women tend to build inadequate nest eggs for retirement. That's important, because some 90% of women will be in charge of their finances at some point in their lives.

Hers will appear regularly. Like many of our columns, it has an online dimension. At businessweek.com/investor/, Hers.online will feature a message board and question-and-answer sessions with financial professionals. Our stable of online investor columns also features barker.online; Street Wise, by Amey Stone and Sam Jaffe; Sound Money, by contributing economics editor Christopher Farrell; and Sector Scope, by guest columnist James A. Anderson, a journalism professor at New York's City University.

Don't forget the market news and exclusive commentaries from Standard & Poor's analysts on our sister site, personalwealth.com. Whether you want to track hot stocks or need help planning your retirement, our columnists can assist you in making those tough investment choices so critical to your financial health.

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