Table: Cybersquatters In The High Rent District

How do you cash in on the Internet gold rush without putting in 18-hour 
      workdays at a Web startup? Internet addresses have become the Web's equivalent 
      of real estate speculation.
      Web address         DRUGS.COM
      Original owner      Eric MacIver, Mesa, Ariz., who wanted to start
                          an online pharmacy
      Buyer               Venture Frogs, San Francisco Web investors
      Price/Date of sale  $823,456 / August, 1999
      Web address         WALLSTREET.COM
      Original owner      Ehud Gavron, the owner of an ISProvider in Tuscon, Ariz.
      Buyer               Players Sportsbook and Casino off the coast of Venezuela
      Price/Date of sale  $1.03 million / April, 1999
      Web address         BINGO.COM
      Original owner      Bingo, Inc., an Anguilla-based game company
      Buyer               Progressive General Lumber Corp. of Vancouver,
                          which changed its name to Inc.
      Price/Date of sale  $1.1 million / January, 1999
      Web address         PORSCHCAR.COM
      Original owner      Saeid Yomtobian, a Sherman Oaks (Calif.)-based
                          Internet nerd
      Buyer               Porsche Cars North America
      Price/Date of sale  Zero/Transferred to company by court
                          order February, 1999
      Web address         PRESIDENTORRINHATCH.COM
      Original owner      Joseph Culligan, a Miami private investigator,
                          goading the Senator into passing a law
                          against cybersquatting
      Buyer               None yet
      Price/Date of sale  Asking price $45,000
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