NETIZENS WEARY OF WASHINGTON'S PREOCCUPATION with the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal are sending a message to Congress: Move on!

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Wes Boyd and Joan Blades--whose former company, Berkeley Systems Inc., created the Flying Toasters screensaver and the CD-ROM game You Don't Know Jack--have launched a bipartisan Web movement called the Million Move-on March.

The campaign's goal is to collect 1 millioN names by Election Day on a Web site whose message recommenDs that President Clinton be censured and Congress focus on more vital issues. As of Oct. 2, more than 125,000 people had visited the site ( and endorsed the campaign's move-on message.

On Nov. 2, the organizers are planning to stage a demonstration on the steps of Capitol Hill. The specifics of the event haven't been worked out yet, but when it comes to public sentiment, Blades suggests, Congress doesn't know Jack.

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