In "The 21st century economy" (Cover Story, Aug. 24-31), BUSINESS WEEK forecast the next decade's major economic and resulting social trends.Your reporters and editors have done a magnificent job of collating hundreds of varying data sources into comprehensive and understandable articles of faith.

The spirit of the issue is vigorous and optimistic. But meanwhile, the planet outside the U.S. is seething with economic, social, religious, and ethnic problems and mismanagement on a colossal level that not only remain unsolved but also open new, terrible wounds almost daily. If BUSINESS WEEK sees itself as a preacher for "let's believe in better days," it did a great job. But I can hardly see BUSINESS WEEK in that cloak.

Even in the European edition, most if not all articles focus on the U.S. Yet Americans are but 4.5% of the world population, and the onus of providing leadership for most of the remaining 95% grows by leaps and bounds. I am vainly trying to locate in this issue a forecast of the effects on the U.S. of the rest of the world's situation.

Amos Shvueli

Haifa, Israel

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