( Short for "Create Your Own Newspaper," this Web site allows you to do exactly that, from designing layouts to choosing content.


( The be-all for golfers--includes news, tips, reports on 19,000 courses, and a pro shop.


( Runs popular online auctions of new and used computer gear.


( Kind of a Web New Yorker, this magazine features writers such as Anne Rice, James Carville, and Ian Shoales.


( Besides allowing do-it-yourself investors to buy, sell, and short stocks online, this site provides access to mutual-fund performance data.

SEARCH.COM ( Publisher C/Net's "super site" for Web searching has links to news feeds, sports, weather, stock and travel information, yellow pages, even job listings.


(http://sunsite.unc. edu/wm): This high-culture entry includes paintings from the collections of the Louvre and other museums. In addition to the great and the world-famous, many obscure artists are on show.

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