Making Laptops Less Portable For Thieves

THERE ARE ELECTRONIC burglar alarms for houses, businesses, and cars, so why not for laptop computers? That's the idea behind Defcon 1, says maker Port Inc. in Norwalk, Conn. The $50 device for portable PCs combines a locking cable, a motion detector, and an alarm to help prevent laptop theft--which Port says reached more than 208,000 cases last year.

Defcon 1 comes with a retractable five-foot cable that can be locked to a special security slot designed into many current laptops or looped through a portable's carrying handle. The cable, which can be used independently of the alarm, secures the machine to less mobile equipment or furniture.

Once set, the battery-powered motion detector will trigger a 110-decibel alarm--louder than most common household smoke-detector alarms--if the PC is tilted or shaken or if its cable is cut. The 6.2-ounce device is available directly from the manufacturer or through computer dealers including Entex Computer Services and Ameridata.

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