Thank you for "A miracle drug's second coming" (Science & Technology, June 3). On June 7, my wife's father had a stroke. My wife went with him to the hospital. I relayed your article's information about TPA to her by cell phone.

The emergency room staff was very surprised she knew about TPA: The doctor on call rarely used it. We strongly believe my wife's understanding of the pros and cons influenced the doctor to consider using TPA. After tests were done to confirm a clot rather than bleeding, TPA was administered slowly by IV. Initially, my wife's father could not move his left leg and arm at all. He had a severe facial droop on the left side. But within 24 hours of using TPA, all functioning on that side was back to normal.

His recovery has been very rapid. Did TPA facilitate the recovery, or would it have happened anyway? We don't know, but we believe TPA played a major part.

Charles Diestel

Park Ridge, Ill.

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