-- Robert Griesbach of the U.S. National Arboretum in Beltsville, Md., claims that by genetically manipulating a flower's acidity, he can obtain an unprecedented variety of flower colors. One of his favorites, he says, is the first "true-blue petunia." The technique could lead to a rainbow of new flower colors and could also alter the acidity of tomatoes and other fruits to make them easier on the stomach.

-- The sweetest sounds in your automobile may soon come from above--no, not from the celestial spheres, but from the roof. Noise Cancellation Technologies Inc. of Stamford, Conn., a company that was formed to zap unwanted sounds with "antisounds," has now developed a way to use the roof lining in a car as a speaker. The technology delivers what the company calls "an extraordinary surround-sound effect," and eliminates the need for speakers in the dash and in the rear.

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