-- Environmental Engineering Concepts Inc. of Palm Springs, Calif., is a leader in high-tech fog. The company says its antidust system operates on as little as 5% of the energy used by bag filter systems or containment rooms. They're used in quarries, waste-transfer stations, and asbestos abatement projects.

-- Giga Ltd. of Tel Aviv, Israel, is pushing a new idea in flat-panels--a miniature ferris wheel whose spinning arms are coated with light-emitting diodes. Co-President Yuval Eshel says the wheel approach saves money by using fewer LEDs. He's seeking backers to scale it up to 40-inch-diagonal screens.

-- A forensic dentist is selling software that helps identify bodies from dental records. Dr. Howard S. Glazer of Fort Lee, N.J., says his $795 CAV-ID (computer-aided victim identification) software is faster and easier to use than the program being used by the National Crime Information Center.

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