In "Motorola's school for parents" (Up Front, Aug. 21), Kevin Kelly reports that Motorola has mailed out copies of its recently researched booklet, The Role of the Adult in the Life of a Child. As the wife of an executive at Motorola, I find that the company's jump onto the bandwagon too little, too late.

In the past six years, Motorola has issued similar booklets mn education and the drug problem. Interestingly enough, over the last few years I have watched my own family disintegrate as a result of a workaholic husband. (Our last vacation from work and the children was 1976.) All of my pleas for help through the Motorola Employee Assistance Program have gone unheeded. What's this about "40 hours of job-related training yearly"? Not my husband--he would have to leave his work. I'm now faced with an impending divorce after having stood by my husband and family for 26 years.

Thank you, Motorola, for encouraging your executives to spend time with their families and to take an annual break away from work. (It's called a vacation, I think.)

Elizabeth Anne Gunter

Austin, Tex.

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