IN HIS LATEST NEWSLETTER, well-known management psychologist Harry Levinson suggests that a woman in the workplace should not spend more than one hour alone in an office with any male co-worker. His reasoning? Men start developing sexual fantasies if they spend too much time alone with a woman--perhaps leading to no end of trouble.

Levinson says that his advice is based on his experiences as a therapist and on complaints he has heard from women. Some people, though, are appalled by Levinson's suggestion. "This absurd notion is demeaning to both men and women," says Sheila Wellington, president of Catalyst, a non-profit research group for women based in New York.

Wellington does note, tongue-in-cheek, that some good could come out of Levinson's recommendation after all: "The only merit to this observation is that it might lead to shorter meetings." Now, that's a notion that most men and women would agree with.

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