As your business goes global, you may find you have to handle documents or

E-mail in foreign languages. Computerized translation is no substitute for a fluent human, but Power Translator can give you the drift of a document or give a human translator a headstart. The Power Translator series (from $129) is available in French, Spanish, Italian, and German versions for DOS, Windows, or Macintosh. Its creator, Globalink Inc. (800 255-5660), is the leader in a fledgling industry. If you are planning to translate scanned documents, you'll also need character-recognition software keyed to a specific language.

Jargon, from Alda Technologies (905 829-3461), is an answer to a different language problem: helping non-English speakers deal with English-language software. It lets you translate menu selections, buttons, and dialogue-box text in Windows programs into the language of your choice without changing the underlying software. The $49 program comes with support for eight European languages built in, and users can expand their glossaries or add new languages.

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