THE CLINTON PLAN                     THE GOP PLAN
      TIME LIMITS     Cut off AFDC benefits to mothers     Cut off AFDC benefits to 
                      24 or younger after two years        after two years, and set 
                      unless they get training or a job.   limit on AFDC of five 
      SPENDING        Provide $9.5 billion for such        Cap spending on many pro
                                                           grams for       
                      things as job training and child     for the poor. Convert   
                                                           food and housing           
                      care subsidies to get mothers        programs into a cash 
                                                           grant to the         
                      off welfare and help the working     states. Cut some state 
                                                           block grants     
                      poor.                                by 5%.
      PENALTIES       Reduce benefits to women             Deny AFDC and housing 
                                                           benefits to               
                      who refuse to name the fathers       children if mothers are 
                                                           under 18, and 
                      of their children, and enforce       use the savings for adop-
                                                           tion, orphanages, or 
                      child-support awards.                homes for unwed moms.
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