The Ceo Who Thinks He's Arnold

Macho displays are the hallmark of ceo Lawrence Ellison of software company Oracle, a leader in the database business. His latest: outdoing professional triathlete Peter Kain in bar dips. That's where you lift yourself up and down on parallel bars. The match, at a Silicon Valley health club, took place recently as a fund-raiser for former triathlete Jim McLaren, who was rendered a quadriplegic in an accident.

Ellison, who prides himself on keeping in shape, won with 46 repetitions, six more than Kain. True, the 150-pound Kain wore a 40-pound weight belt to roughly match Ellison's weight. But Ellison was about to turn 50 at the time of the contest, while Kain is 30.

In short, there's little sign that age is subduing Ellison's penchant for playing hard. At least the publicity-wooing stunt with Kain was less hazardous than earlier exploits.

Three years ago, Ellison punctured a lung and broke his neck, shoulder, and ribs while bodysurfing during a storm in Hawaii. Two years ago, he fractured an elbow in a bicycling mishap. Next, he plans on flying a Navy F-18 jet.

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