Your article on Dean L. Buntrock's efforts to revitalize WMX Technologies Inc. ("Cleaning up after Waste Management," The Corporation, Jan. 24), may accurately reflect the comeback strategy of a great entrepreneur. But it misrepresents the facts on cement kilns that burn hazardous waste as a supplemental fuel.

Cement kilns are, indeed, the leading competitors of commercial hazardous-waste incinerators like those WMX operates. But cement kilns must comply with environmental rules that are often more stringent than those for incinerators.

Regarding cement-kiln dust (you incorrectly labeled it ash), your assertion that it is unregulated is wrong. Cement-kiln operators are subject to numerous state and local cement-kiln-dust standards. Further, cement kilns that recover energy from hazardous waste are also required by federal law to test the dust to determine whether the dust is different from nonwaste-burning kiln dust.

Richard C. Creighton

Executive Director

Cement Kiln Recycling Coalition


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