The best place to live in North America, according to the Places Rated Almanac, is Cincinnati. And the worst is Yuba City, Calif. But what if you can't get a decent burrito in Cincinnati? Yuba City might be the right locale for you after all.

Now you can custom-tailor a search for the best home sweet home among 343 metropolitan areas. Authors David Savageau and Richard Boyer have developed software from their 13-year-old listing, letting you crunch the data for yourself--putting emphasis on quality of schools, transportation, housing, or whatever turns you on. New York City, for instance, gets a bum rating for its high cost of living, but to gourmands, its great restaurants render Gotham an earthly paradise. The 3 1/2-inch Savageau-Boyer disk costs $34.95 (the Places Rated Almanac book, retailing for $20, comes with the package).

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