Jack F. Kemp remains most Republican conservatives' first choice for the 1996 Presidential nomination. But many of the former Housing & Urban Development Secretary's backers have been frustrated as Kemp has taken a backseat as a GOP spokesman to a potential rival in 1996, Senate Minority Leader Bob Dole (R-Kan.). Now Kemp is getting ready to raise his visibility. This fall, he will set up a new political-action committee that will raise funds to help him campaign for Republican House and Senate candidates next year. In the process, Kemp will pile up IOUs that he can collect if he runs for the White House. So far, Kemp says, 100 candidates have asked him to appear at fund-raisers. But the former Representative from New York State is keeping mum about his long-term plans. "I won't talk about '96 until after '94," he says.

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