Every so often, you just have one of those weeks--like when you get zapped into the sky and spend five torturous days on an evil alien spacecraft. Travis Walton says he lived that week in November, 1975. He penned a book chronicling his abduction, then told all to the usual TV tabloids. Now, Walton has hit the big time in Paramount's movie Fire in the Sky, opening Mar. 12 and brazenly billed as "based on the true story."

Just how true? In one eerie scene, chalky-skinned E.T.-like creatures prod Travis with bizarre-looking instruments as he struggles to free himself from the jellylike substance that straps him to an operating table. "I just flipped out and became hysterical," Walton recalls in a chilling, exclusive interview with BUSINESS WEEK. Who wouldn't? But don't worry, there's a happy ending: Travis gets back safely. He goes on tour. And he makes a bundle from the movie deal.

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