In the battle for the hearts and minds of America's home-computer owners, Bill Clinton edges out George Bush. The two campaigns have been fielding questions from voters on the Closeup Board, a feature available on Prodigy Services Co.'s on-line information service. Since late August, Prodigy's 1.75 million members have been offered the chance to submit questions to the candidates over the service. Tens of thousands have done so. The Bush campaign chose to answer 25 of the questions over five weeks, while the Clinton campaign said it would answer 50 questions over five consecutive days.

To gauge how the candidates fared, Prodigy took an electronic poll. Out of more than 4,000 respondents, 29% said Clinton's answers were more informative, vs. 24% who felt Bush's were. Some 36% had not read the candidates' answers. The poll also showed that 40% were ready to vote for Clinton and 39% for Bush. That's a narrow but hard-fought-and significant-win for Clinton, since Prodigy members tend to be high-income, white-collar suburbanites who are usually more conservative than the general electorate.

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