Why Small Business Is Throwing Its Back Out

As a small-business owner for the past eight years, I think your story "Small companies are still afraid to add workers . . . " (Economic Trends, Aug. 3) said it well. We've gone from the "can't do anything wrong '80s" to the "can't do anything right '90s." It makes me mad that small business is getting blamed for slowing the recovery by not hiring displaced corporate workers.

It's no wonder that small business is holding back when a lot of businessowners are taking home paychecks that are smaller than many of their employees'. More and more, self-employed businesspeople are feeling the impact of increased expenses as federal, state, and local governments try to find ways to fund their increased spending. Trying to find health coverage for employees at a cost approaching their salaries is a good example. Add to that a public that is convinced that it's O. K. to "sue for profit" for any reason.

Now, what I have after eight years of hard work and great financial sacrifice by me and my family is a clouded dream that I had of being self-employed.

John C. Guthrie

Largo, Fla.

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