Forget Andy Warhol's line about everyone being famous for 15 minutes. The truth is, in the future, everyone and everything will have their picture on a trading card. During Operation Desert Storm, A-10 Warthogs and Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf were immortalized on pasteboard. Then came a set of serial-killer cards. And now we can collect football cheerleaders.

Lime Rock International has just unveiled a set of cards featuring Los Angeles Raiderette Kimiko Tanaka, New Orleans Saintsation Lori Angela Carroll, and Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Amy Merriman-Lemon, among others. On the front: fetching photos of the entertainers. The backs feature biographical tidbits. Merriman-Lemon wants to be a doctor. Carroll aims for a career in psychology. And when those new beer-vendor cards come out, we'll learn what that guy working the cheap seats really wants to do with his life.

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