The Better Alternative Fuel? Pickens Picks Natural Gas

When it comes to ethanol, your story "Big stink on the farm" (Top of the News, July 20) does a good job of pointing out that the American public is getting "shucked."

As a transportation fuel, ethanol is more expensive, does almost nothing to reduce pollution, and because it's mixed with gasoline, it does little to reduce this country's dependence on foreign oil. As your story indicates, as an alternative fuel, ethanol is a lose-lose proposition.

While there are many alternative fuels vying for a share of the transportation market as a result of the Clean Air Act, there's only one superior fuel: natural gas. It's the only one that is available in abundant supply in the U.S., reduces pollution by more than 90%, is safer than gasoline, and costs about half as much as gasoline on a gallon-equivalent basis. Now that's a win-win fuel.

Boone Pickens


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