The article "Will politically correct sell sweaters?" (People, Mar. 16) on Susie Tompkins and Esprit de Corp was a frustrating, superficial treatment. Social responsibility should not be confused with "political correctness"; nor should socially responsible leadership be equated with unsophisticated business practices. Profits and ethics are not incompatible. The topic of corporate social responsibility deserves serious attention, and Tompkins deserves credit for being an innovator in this area.

Donna J. Wood

Associate Professor

of Business Administration

University of Pittsburgh


I had never heard of the company Esprit until my wife went into an outlet store near Palm Springs, Calif. While we were inside the store, I noticed the advertising campaign that you mentioned in your article, and specifically one poster where a young lady was saying that she would "Defend a woman's right to choose unless George Bush was free to babysit."

Knowing that my spouse is virulently anti-abortion and hoping to discourage her from spending money in the store, I showed her the poster. We left without buying anything.

I wish other clothing stores had ads that would so readily discourage my wife's spending.

Joel Beckman

Downey, Calif.

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